Monday, September 30, 2013

The Former Seoul Railroad Station at different angles

 facade of The Former Seoul Railroad Station, pen and watercolor,

 the station viewed from the public square, pen and watercolor,

 viewed from Food Court inside the new Seoul Station,

 another sketch at the same spot, pen,

a scenery across the road around the Seoul Station, pen and watercolor,
(21 x 29.6cm sketchbook)
I've sketched around Seoul Station many times for several years. Especially,I've always been fascinated by the scenic beauty of the Former Seoul Railroad Station building, connected with the new Seoul Station. The Former Seoul Railroad Station was constructed in an Eclectic Renaissance style in 1925. The building was distinguished by the classical symmetry in its overall composition and its non-classical features, including the central dome, a small steeple and the wings that were attatched to the central part of the building.
Currently, the building is composed of cultural venues for exhibition and performance, along with educational facility.
Last Saturday, I sketched the attractive historic building at difference angles.
눈부신 유리와 금속판으로 들쭉날쭉 채워져가는 도심의 하늘 아래
소담한 초록빛 돔과 벽돌 마디마디, 하얀 기둥 장식이 아름답게 비친다.
100년 세월의 낯익은 建築 樣式의 뒤안길에는~~~
근대사의 시련과 영욕이 "우리 시대의 거울"속에 녹아 흐르고
수많은 사람들의 스쳐간 발자욱 속에 나의 일기장도 같이 쌓여간다.
서울驛舍는 서울의 歷史....오늘을 그리며 서울의 미래를 상상하는 즐거움~~

(처음 나오신 분들의 신선한 스케치들이 감동적입니다! 진심으로 환영합니다.)


so hyoung Kim said...

북적북적 바쁘게 움직이는 살아있는 도시느낌이 들어서 너무 좋아요~!

Lee Yong Hwan said...

시간의 흐름과 인파의 물결속에 100년이 흘러가지만...언제 보아도 살아있는 스케치 장소의 1번지처럼 새롭게 느껴집니다~~