Friday, September 27, 2013

at Incheon wharf, Incheon city

pencil, watercolor, 32 x 24 cm

pencil 8B, 13.5 x 21 cm

Today I went to Incheon wharf. Weather was very good, shiny and breezing. I took a place beside a truck for a handful of shade when I sketched the first one. Though I saw the second scene at first I sketched it later because I didn't carry water, so I tried it just before I left the wharf. There was no place to hide from sunlight. But it was autumn anyhow. I could finish the second one. It took 20 minutes from drawing to washing. The first one took one hour to finish. 

오늘 모처럼 인천에 다녀왔습니다. 뜨거운 계절에는 좀 힘든 곳이라 요즘 좋은 것같습니다. 그래도 가을볕이 따갑기는 해도 바람이 불어주어 할만했구요. 언제나 변화무쌍한 인천에서 두점그리고 돌아와서 뿌듯했습니다. 오가는 전철에서는 인물스케치좀 하고요. 

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