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Monday, February 2, 2015

46th WorldWide SketchCrawl at the National Museum of Korea, Seoul

the museum and a Korean traditional pavilion reflected in the water (21 x 29.6cm)

a panoramic view of the National Museum of Korea (18 X 29.6cm)

entrance plaza in front of the Exhibition Hall (21 x 29.6cm) 

Great Hall(으뜸홀) on the 1st floor (21 x 29.6cm)

a scenery inside the museum (21 x 29.6cm)

Ten-Story Pagoda from Gyeongcheonsa Temple Site(경천사지10층탑) (21 x 29.6cm)

statue of the Buddha named 'Pensive Bodhisattva.'(반가사유상)(21 x 29.6cm)

a beautiful lounge in front of the Children's Museum (21 x 29.6cm)

a rear view overlooking Namsan Mountain (21 x 29.6cm)
(pen and watercolor)
The National Museum of Korea is located about 1.5 km away from Yongsan Station. It is the largest museum in Korea and houses precious Korean cultural assets that tell the story of Korea’s fascinating history, from ancient times to the modern era. The architectural style harmoniously blends traditional and contemporary styles. It was built to house more than 140,000 national relics and artifacts, and also to serve as a complex cultural facility with a sculpture garden, open plaza and outdoor exhibition area. Also, artificial falls, streams, and green fields have been cultivated to create a beautifully landscaped space for visitors.
Last Saturday, in celebration of the 46th World Wide SketchCrawl, we Seoul usk members met at this magnificent museum and had a good sketch time.There were so many sketching objects that I couldn't help drawing busily in and out of the museum despite the cold wind. Nevertheless, it was informative and very interesting work to me.
용산의 명소----국립 중앙박물관 건물의 거대한 스케일 속에 간직하고 있는
국보 문화재의 수많은 볼거리들과 문화행사는 연중무휴 쉴 날이 없습니다. 
한국식 전통과 서구식 공간 사이에서 구석구석 조화로운 면들을 찾아보면서,
역사 공부와 함께 인물들과 풍물을 스케치를 하는 최적의 장소라 하겠습니다.


so hyoung Kim said...

거대한 공간감!새삼스럽게 박물관 건물디자인을 다시보게되네요~

Lee Yong Hwan said...

반갑습니다~~ 거대한 박물관이라 첨에는 긴장했었는데, 과감하게 맘을 먹고 부지런히 움직이며 여러 장면을 담을 수 있었지요. 오랫만에 평소에 하시는 멋진 스케치 작품도 보고 싶습니다.

so hyoung Kim said...

춥다고 안에서 물건이랑 사람만 그리고 있네요~ㅜㅜ

Lee Yong Hwan said...

어떤 작품일까? 궁금하면서 기대됩니다~~