Saturday, February 28, 2015

two sketches at Hwagyesa (temple)

temple building for praying, A 4

temple yard in temple buildings, A 4

Yesterday I visited the Hwagyesa (temple) located in Suyu 1-dong, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul. The temple was built on 1522 in Joseon dynasty. It's loved by people for its long history and the easy accessibility. I could arrive there by 15 minutes' walk from bus stop. And buildings for educational purposes of buddhism located near the entrance. Lots of monks come and go. I imagines how beautiful it would look in the other seasons. It would be one of my favorite sketching places, maybe.

어제 수유동에 있는 화계사를 가보았어요. 서울에 있으면서도 처음으로 가 본 절입니다. 절의 모습은 상상 밖으로 아름다왔어요. 앞의 커다란 삼층 빌딩은 전통 건축물같지 않았지만 뒤켠에 조용히 숨어 있는 건물들은 좋았습니다. 날씨는 비록 쌀쌀했지만 햇살을 받으면 두장 그렸습니다. 


AVBK said...

Fascinating subject. I particularly like the painting of the temple yard.

bh yoo said...

Thank you for your kind comment!
I love to visit temple because it gives rest in mind and body.