Monday, February 9, 2015

sketches in doughnut store, Gyunji-dong, Jongno, Seoul

roasted chestnut merchant, 18.5 x 25 cm

Jongno Tower seen from the Dunkin Donuts
18.5 x 25 cm

I go often to Insa-dong, Jongno, where lots of galleries locate at. On the way coming home I could pass the junction and see the doughnut store with big pane glass. I'd like to go inside and capture the outdoor scene. In the corner a couple was selling roasted chestnuts. People look beautiful when they live with their best. After finishing the first one I moved to the table near the entrance. I tried to draw the big building, Jongno Tower which was so hard to draw well. This time was same to me too. 

며칠 전 인사동 나갔다가 집에 오는 길에 길 모퉁이를 지나면서 도넛 가게를 보았어요. 그 안에 들어가면 춥지도 않겠거니와 밖의 풍경도 잘 보일 것같았어요. 도넛 두개를 사서 자리를 잡고 두장 그렸어요. 군밤파는 부부의 모습이 커다란 빌딩보다도 더 마음에 남습니다.


so hyoung Kim said...

겨울거리의 느낌이 물씬나네요^^

bh yoo said...

요즘 춥다는 핑계로 도서관에서 책만 뒤적이다가 집에 가는 길에 잡아보았어요. 감사합니다!