Sunday, March 29, 2015

sketch at Sinheungsa, Seorak mountain

pencil, watercolor, A 4

Yesterday I went to Seorak mountain(1708 m) located at Gangwon province with my family. The white diagonal lines shown in left are for cable car which runs 1,128 m from the entrance(222 m altitude) to Gwongeumseong(699 m altitude). I rode with my family and others; it carries 50 passengers at one time. Instead of climbing I stayed at the temple(Sinheungsa) and sketched the above one. I remember over thirty years had passed since I'd gone there. The roads or convenience facillities seem to be changed in better way for tourists. But the beautiful scenery of the mountain was the same as before. I would like to go there often.

어제 모처럼 가족과 설악산에 다녀왔어요. 가족들은 울산바위까지 올르고 저는 신흥사 주변을 구경하며 스케치도 좀 했습니다. 산은 여전히 아름다왔어요. 울산바위까지 엄첨 힘들었다고 하더군요. 오늘 길에 속초 중앙시장도 둘러 보았어요. 고속 버스가 2시간 반정도밖에 안걸려서 당일로 다녀오기에 충분했다는 것도 새로운 발견이었습니다. 아름다운 우리의 산하를 많이 그려보아야겠다는 각오도 한 여행이었습니다.

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