Monday, March 2, 2015

various types of buildings around Jongno-3ga, Seoul

KookilKwan(국일관 Dreampalace), service and recreation facilities

a large building under remodelling (former Dansungsa theatre단성사) 
viewed from Jongno-3ga Station

Lotte Cinema Piccadilly (피카딜리)opposite the former Dansungsa theatre

Pimatgol(피맛골), means "avoid horse alley", was over 600 years ago 
during the "Joseon Dynasty"

Jongno Catholic church(종로성당) and the surroundings

the main gate of Jongmyo(종묘) Shrine

shabby buildings in a narrow alley

Jongno Tower(종로타워) Building viewed from Jongno-3ga Station
(pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook)
The area around Jongno-3ga(종로3가) is the origin of many famous film theatres, and a large number of shops and jewelry stores along the street near Jongmyo(Royal Shrine). In spite of the old downtown in central Seoul, redevelopment and reconstruction projects of this area are highly restricted now. So this area contains some interesting attractions from diverse cultures of historic Seoul between old and new buildings. 
I enjoyed sketching the various scenes from the buildingscapes along the street around Jongno-3ga.
600년 넘도록 서울의 큰 축을 이루어 온 종로통의 중심지...
종묘와 탑골공원으로 이어지는 "서울과 삶"의 테마 문학 발상지...
시끌버끌 젊음과 삶에 지친 실버들이 뒤섞이는 다중문화 속을 헤치며
도시의 껍질을 하나씩 벗겨가며 스케치하기엔 더없이 새로운 장소입니다.

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