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Friday, August 21, 2015

sketches at Petite France, Gapyeong, Korea

scenery of Petite terrace and observatory with Han river on left seen from Maestro Gang Cafe in the Beethoven Virus Filming site, pencil, watercolor, A 4

scenery of Petite France seen from Maestro Gang Cafe in the Beethoven Virus Filming site, 2nd floor,
pencil, watercolor, A 4

indoor scene of Antiques Gallery

scenery at Petite France with a standing plate of young couple for taking photos, pencil(8B), watercolor, A 4

Last Monday, Aug. 17 I went to Petite France, an imitated village of France. I heard many times about its pretty features. The first purpose was to sketch them and the second one was to confirm whether it might be able to be a sketching place for Seoul sketchers to go together. YH Lee accompanied me to sketch and to discuss together. It took over two hours by car even on Monday. And it seemed not easy by bus or train for a group to move and sketch enough. The scenery was good but the scale was smaller than the English Village in Paju city in my point of view. So I recommend you to visit personally for sketching because it's worth to capture exotic scenery with Hangang(river) downward. We didn't visit every building for the short of time. So we hope to go again for larger paintings in Autumn season. We may see different scenes by colored leaves in low mountains behind the village. 

지난 월요일에 가평군 청평면에 있는 쁘티 프랑스에 이용환샘과 다녀왔어요. 말로만 듣던바라 직접 보고 그림도 그리고 서울 스케쳐들과 함께 갈 수 있을지 확인도 해보고 싶었어요. 산비탈에 위치해서 파주의 영어마을처럼 넓지는 않았지만 나름 아기자기한 전시물도 있고 멀리 내려다 보이는 북한강 물도 보이는 것이 이색적이었습니다. 월요일이었는데도 방문객이 많더군요. 시간이 없어서 전시관들을 다 방문하지는 못했는데 가을에 다시 가 볼생각으로 아쉬움을 달래고 돌아왔습니다. 

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