Thursday, November 5, 2015

musician drawings on autumn days

Oh Yu-hyeon and Woo Dong-myeong

Oksu Sajinkwan (옥수 사진관), 
Kim Dae-hong, Hong Seung-hyeon, Park Hye-min
Kim Jang-ho, No Gyeong-bo from left, 
A 4

Yi Yumi, Jazz singer

Drummer Choi Yo-seop, A 4

Choi In-hwan, Jo jeong-hyeon, Choi Yo-seop, Lee Yong-seok, Lim Seul-gi from left,
A 4

On fine autumn days I enjoyed outdoor or indoor concerts which were held at noon in downtown such as Gwanghwamun and Seoul city hall. It was a very valuable time for me to sketch them hearing nice music. Practicing drawing their poses I could learn tips one by one. Complicated musical instruments are still difficult huddle to me. Though hard it's an exciting experience anyhow.

요즘 여기 저기에서 열렸던 음악 공연을 많이 그려보았습니다. 복잡한, 유려한 악기들이야 여전히 어렵지만 해나가면서 요령도 좀 생깁니다. 연주자들의 다양한 모습을 보고 특색있는 음악도 들으면서 스케치도 할 수 있는 작은 음악회가 더없이 소중하게 느껴집니다. 

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