Thursday, January 14, 2016

crane trucks on cold days

working scene at an electronic pole, Nogbeon-dong, Eunpyeong district, Seoul

charcoal, A 4
As you know it's very cold these days. I could pass the Eunpyeong-ro yesterday. I saw a great scene which I couldn't meet often. There were four crane trucks around an electric pole. They seem to change something in my thoughts. The scenery was so complicated with crane trucks, pockets of the extended arms, boughs and twigs, and signal post even that I just looked upward for minutes. And freezing weather was another barrier to me. But I began to sketch with charcoal regardless of results. Challenge to capture such scene was enough. 

* * * * * 
scene at the construction field

charcoal, A 4
Today I walked by the former Gong-pyeong building site where a new building was under construction. I saw a tall crane truck inside the yard. I came across the street (Wujeonguk-ro) and looked up. The horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines and shapes were attractive. Working engineers added another focus too.

요즘 너무 춥습니다. 길에 걸어다니기도 만만치 않지요. 그런데 서울은 추위와 상관없이 활력이 넘칩니다. 어제 녹번동을 지나다 엄청나게 복잡한 현장을 만나서 결과에 아랑곳하지 않고 곱은 손으로 몇장 그렸습니다. 오늘은 예전 공평빌딩 터에 새로 들어서는 빌딩 공사 현장의 여러 모습이 인상적이어서 역시나 언 손으로 한장 그렸구요. 아마도 이 그림 볼때마다 그 추위가 느껴질듯합니다. 

추운 날씨에 건강히 지내시기 바랍니다.

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