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Thursday, June 30, 2016

sketches at Noksapyeong Station, Seoul

distant view of Namsan Mountain(남산) from the station

surrounding scenery viewed from pedestrian overpass nearby the station

the glass roof dome of Noksapyeong Station

a scene on the top floor inside the station

another view on the top floor

main stairway and escalators viewed from the lower floor

main stairway and escalators viewed from the top floor

subway platform(승강장) on the lowest level
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook.  pen, watercolor )
A few days ago, I had a chance to sketch a beautiful subway station located near Yongsan-gu Office(용산구청). Noksapyeong Station(녹사평역) on line No.6 is known for having the most beautiful interior and a spectacular underground space for a subway station.
The glass domed roof allows plenty of natural light into the station. Inside the station, the crisscrossing escalators and stairs traverse the spherical space that runs through five levels. Especially on the main stairway, it was very impressed to hear Korean traditional music when people go up the step with shining light. Because the American Army base(미군부대) locates nearby, I could see occasionally foreign passengers while sketching. Among them, some people showed interest in my sketches with favorable comments. It was very exciting sketch time trying to draw various forms and movements.
남산과 미군기지, 신청사를 둘러보는 용산의 중심지
작은 유리돔 아래 아담하고 스펙타클한 지하철 공간
다이나믹한 직선들과 동심원 곡선들이 교차하면서
천창의 빛과 색색의 조명아래 오르내리는 인파들~~
녹사평 역사는 작은 보석과도 같은 스케치장소입니다.

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