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Friday, April 28, 2017



   The day before yesterday,  I went to the Sejong culture center for sketching with my friend.   The weather was so clear and not cloud in the sky
   Flowers are fully blooming and trees boast their green leaves.
  As usual Gwang hwamum was crowded with people,protesters,    workers, and people who involved in the election.
   I sketched buildings sit down on the stairs of the Sejong center, and
  after lunch, it was a little hot, I entered Samsung service plaza and           drew the scenery out of the window.
   It was interesting and meaning day~~



BH Yoo said...

광화문에서 좋은 시간 보내셨군요. 그동안 그리신 그림들도 많이 올려주셔요. ^ ^

Andy Oh said...

Wow, I love your drawings.

Jeong Sook Lee said...

멋진 스케치입니다.