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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sketches at Under Stand Avenue, Seoul Forest(Park)

pen and pastels, A 4

pencil and watercolor, A 4

pencil and watercolor, A 4

Yesterday I went to Seoul Forest(park) where I used to go for sketching. There are some entrance gates around the park. Among them people can meet new space "Under Stand Avenue" getting out of exit 3, Seoul Forest subway station. Though it's not new but it has much attractive points being located next to the big park. Colorful containers give exotic atmosphere inside which restaurants, shops, creative and recycling studios are found. 
Two years ago the abandoned around the park was transformed into a new, comprehensive and public cultural space for social minority groups with 116 containers by the support of Lotte Duty Free shop and ARCON(Arts and Community Network) under the agreement with Seongdong district office. 
Visitors and villagers around the park seemed to enjoy both walking in a big park and having dishes in open terraces in that avenue. So the place is loved by all generations. The area has spacial limit. As a result the general scene will be changed through adding more containers and remodeling the original structure. I expect to see more various shapes in the future.

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