Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sketches at the Seodaemun Museum of Natural History

Acrocanthosaurus at center hall, pen and watercolor, 27.5x17.5cm

Ammonite on the ceiling

village scene seen through the window at foodcourt

stuffed roe deer

model of mammoth

Though it goes to March it was not easy to sketch outdoor. The museum was big and easy to go up and down stairs by ramp and elevator. The museum went crowded as time went by with families and students. Years ago I visited there for sketching too. So this time I tried to draw different things. Ammonite on ceiling caught my eye. And the roe deer looked good. To draw the animal was not easy even though they don't move but the visitors passed so often hiding my sight. Benches were helpful. And the volunteers and keepers didn't say any looking at sketchers. It was thankful. 
Much thanks for all the participants in spite of cold weather!

서대문 자연사 박물관은 어린이 들이 좋아하는 공간같습니다. 그러나 거대한 공룡의 뼈나 마모스등을 그려보는 좋은 공간입니다. 오늘도 날씨가 차가왔는데 참여하신 스케쳐 여러분들께 감사드립니다! 


bikyung said...

거대한 공룡화석 그림만으로도 상상이 됩니다^^

한정선 said...

사슴이 넘 이뻐요
아파트 앞 카페 벤치에 앉고 싶었는데..
아직은 무리겠죠 ㅎㅎ

BH Yoo said...

안 움직이니까 쉬울 줄 알고 시작했는데 움직이는 동물과 다를 바가 없더군요. 비례가 역시나...연필로 시작했다가 지우개질 엄청하다가 뒷장에 펜으로 그리고 말지 하며 마쳤어요. 아름다운 동물이었어요. 감사합니다!