Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sketches with Margo Bartley and Zheng Xiong Xiang

Sketches by Margo Bartley from Australia

scenery seen from Jongno Tower by Margo

scenery of Deoksugung Palace seen from Jeongdong Observatory by Margo

Korean traditional house with big jars at Kyeongin Gallery garden by Margo

The following sketch was done by Zheng Xiong Xiang from Chine who has met at the observatory. He had shown interest and kept seen our works and had done this being requested. He kept his sketching tools in his sack. We just enjoyed sketching together unexpectedly. I told him about the activity of urban sketchers and city blogs all around the world recommending him to join after visiting the blogs. He visited the place on the way going to the Seoul Museum of Art located nearby. 

scenery seen from the Jeongdong Observatory by Zheng Xiong Xiang

portrait of Zheng Xiong Xiang done by Lee Yong Hwan
YH Lee presented this sketch to him.  As soon as he got it happily and proposed to draw YH Lee. And he drew the following one and presented it to YH Lee. Both artists were happy of course. 

portrait of YH Lee drawn by Zheng Xiong Xiang

The following sketches were done by Lee Yong Hwan. 

scenery seen from Jongno Tower. 
The building with peaked roof located at center of this drawing is Seungdong Church founded on 1893. 

scenery of Deoksugung Palace from Jeongdong Observatory

scenery at Jogyesa(temple)

scenery with Su-un Hoegwan seen at the small garden of Gyeongin gallery

musical instrument shop in Nagwon musical instrument shopping mall

The following sketches were done by Yoo Byung Hwa

scenery seen from the Jongno Tower

I drew Margo while she was drawing her work.

I sketched the scenery at the small garden of Gyeongin Gallery after having dimpling with Margo using sepia conte.

I drew the above three pieces at the observatory with watercolor.

Margo took me to the nearby coffee shop 'Terarosa' and bought me a cup of coffee 'caffe latte'. The cafe was decorated with kinds of tools for making coffee. I tried one within short time. I sketched before having it not to ruin the pretty shape on the surface of coffee. 

Zheng Xiong Xiang was drawing with his sketching tools. 

Margo Bartley in the garden of Gyeongin Gallery

YH Lee and Zheng Xiong Xiang holding their portraits done by each other

Several days' sketching together was meaningful for all of us. Sharing and encouraging was great. Unexpected meeting with unknown sketcher gave delight especially. We could be friends instantly putting out paper for drawing. Hope to have chances to sketch together later at somewhere in this globe. Thank you all, Margo and Zheng Xiong Xiang! Wish you to keep sketching anywhere! 

지난 며칠 동안 마고와 서울을 잠시 방문중이었던 Zheng Xiong Xiang과 스케치를 하면서 짧았지만 그림을 대하는 태도와 문화에 대한 나눔이 있었습니다. 그들에게는 번잡한 명동거리보다는 한국적인 것을 보고 느낄 수 있는 공간이 더 매력이 있었구요. 날씨가 추워서 고궁을 직접 그릴 수 없었던 것이 좀 아쉬웠습니다. 우리의 것을 잘 알고 그려야하겠다는 것을 다시금 느낀 시간이었습니다.


한정선 said...

개성만점의 다양한 그림을 보는 재미가 쏠쏠하네요
참여했음 조았을텐데..시기가 안 맞아서..
수고 만으셨어요~~^^

BH Yoo said...

그림 하나에 쏟는 정성이 대단했습니다. 외국인이 한국의 선을 찾기 위해 애쓰는 모습에 감동했구요. 친구들은 명동에서 쇼핑하는데 혼자 미술관 방문 도중 전망대에 올라 온 중국인 친구의 진정성도 느껴져서 좋았습니다. 함께 못해서 아쉬웠어요. ~ ~