Monday, February 26, 2018

Sketches at Seodaemun Museum of Natural History, Seoul

Acrocanthosaurus and Sperm Whale on the Central Hall, pen and watercolor, 36 x 51cm

Earth Environment Hall on the 3rd floor, pen and watercolor, 36 x 51cm

Diversity of Terrestrial Life at Life Evolution Hall, pen and watercolor, 36 x 51cm

Central Hall of the Seodaemun Museum of Natural History, pen and watercolor, 
36 x 51cm

a quick sketch at the Central Hall on the 1st floor, pen, 29.6 x 42cm

surrounding landscape seen through the window on the Central Hall, pencil, 29.6 x 42cm
The weather became warmer than early February, but it's still cold outside. We usk Seoul members met at an interesting museum for urban sketching last weekend. Seodaemun Museum of Natural History is the first public museum of natural history in Korea, located in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. Opened in 2003, the museum displays the origins of life on earth through a variety of real specimens of minerals, rocks and fossils, and through models, including life size models of dinosaurs, from all over the world. 
A few years ago I visited the famous museum several times and sketched a lot of exhibits in my spare time. The museum was crowded with children, their parents and student group at all time. Most of all, the exhibits of dinosaurs drew attention from visitors overwhelmingly. I sketched and colored the dynamic scenes inside the museum and some exhibits including large dinosaur skeletons with an "inquiring mind".
서대문 안산기슭의 공공 자연사박물관은 산 교육장이자 가족쉼터로서 일품입니다.
지구의 탄생부터 생명체의 기원, 인간과 자연의 관계를 생생하고 실감나게 재현한 모습을
무궁무진하게 스케치하며 탐구할 수 있는 "전천후 소재박물관"이라 하겠습니다. 


한정선 said...

멀~리서 봄이 오는 소리가 들리는듯..
선생님의 그림에 봄빛깔이 완연 합니다^^

bikyung said...

그날 박물관의 표정이 그대로 느껴집니다
늘 감탄하게 됩니다 ~^^

Lee Yong Hwan said...

전시물의 스케일과 박물관 분위기(실내외)가 어우러진 멋진 장소였습니다~~
많은 분들이 각자 취향에 맞게 스케치하는 진지한 분위기도 좋았습니다.