Monday, March 26, 2018

Sketches at the Gocheok Sky Dome, baseball stadium

the Gocheok Sky Dome viewed from Dongyang Mirae Uinversity across the road, 
pen and watercolor

a scene of the square in front of the Sky Dome viewed from the pedestrian bridge, pencil

a sketch of playing scene inside the Sky Dome viewed from the outfield seats, pencil

 a dynamic motion of pitching a strike, pen and pastel

 outfield stands in the stadium, pen and watercolor

the entrance hall of the outfield in the stadium, pen and pastel
( 29.6 x 42cm sketchbook)
Last Saturday, the weather was a little cold and windy with fine dust all day. We Seoul urban sketchers met at Gocheok Sky Dome, the largest indoor baseball stadium in Korea, located in Gocheok-dong, west of Seoul. The day was the opening day of the professional baseball 2018 season. I've been to the stadium to sketch the colorful baseball game scenes for urban sketching two years ago. The Sky Dome and surroundings were crowded with lots of visitors, baseball fans, families on outing and many sports reporters. I enjoyed the festive atmosphere of baseball in and out the Sky Dome, sketching the impressive stadium and dynamic game scenes I didn't draw before. It was very exciting and pleasant sketch time with all participating sketchers!
스카이돔 개장 기념 스케치 이후 2년만에 다시 찾았지만 새로운 느낌입니다. 
거대한 외관과 실내 스타디움, 철구조물 사이로 빛과 조명이 어우러지며
현란한 전광판과 치어리더, 카메라맨들... 타구 소리 하나하나에 열광적인 함성~
녹색 그라운드 백구의 축제를 그리면서 "야구 격언"을 떠올립니다.
( 연습을 실전처럼..., 그라운드를 넓게 보라..., 공을 두려워 말라...,
실수는 잊어버려라..., 밤낮없이 스윙연습을 게을리하지 말라... )
--- 스케치에도 꼭 맞는 격언 같다고 생각합니다 ---

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