Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sketches at the Gocheok Sky Dome

A 4

This month we had a sketch meetup at Gocheok Sky Dome. Weather was a little cloudy and cold. Because today was an opening day of the baseball people gathered from the morning. It was said that the tickets would be sold from 12 o'clock. Before buying ticket I drew two in front of the dome. Last year I visited the dome several times for sketching. But nobody could be able to capture all the features around the building. Having lunch at the food court in B1 we entered after 2 o'clock. Wow most of the seats were full even in outfield! But it was warmer inside so we could enjoy the exciting game and sketching together. Hearing the shouts of cheering pen kept running on the papers. I wondered how the people could endure the winter season without baseball games. Baseball lovers will have happy times till the Korean Series ends. 
오늘 날씨가 여전히 쌀쌀하고 흐리고 해서 밖에서 스케치하기에는 좀 추웠습니다. 12시 지나서 비록 외야지만 표를 구입할 수 있어서 좋았어요. 점심 전에 밖에서 두장 그리고 2시 지나 들어갔는데 벌써 외야도 거의 찼더군요. 간신히 자리 잡고 몇장 그렸습니다. 긴 겨울을 어찌 기다렸을까 싶으리만치 야구 팬들의 함성이 굉장했어요. 덩달아 기운이 난다고나 할까요. 
오늘 새로 오신 변석현 선생님 반가왔습니다. 자주 참여해 주시기 바랍니다.
어려운 날씨에 참여하신 여러 스케쳐 분들께 감사드립니다.

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