Sunday, February 5, 2012

some sketches around Unhyeongung Palace, Seoul

 the Neo-Baroque style 'Yanggwan' beyond Norakdang at Unhyeongung, 25 x 35.3cm

Irodang viewed from the rear garden at Unhyeongung, 25 x 35.3cm  

 a complete view of Noandang at Unhyeongung, 25 x 35.3cm

 KH Lee, sketching the precinct buildings earnestly, 25 x 35.3cm

 'MONATEA' Cafe located on 2nd floor of Nagwon Musical Instrument Shopping Arcade, 24 x 34cm

the owner of 'World Sound Instrument Shop' located on 2nd floor of Nagwon Musical Instrument Shopping Arcade, 22.8 x 30.5cm

Unhyeongung Palace,designated as Historic Site No. 257 of the City of Seoul, is located in Uni-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul. There is the palace that King Gojong lived in before he acceded to the throne. The palace was built in 1864 and in 1869 more buildings were added. Unlike the other main palaces Changdeokgung and Gyeongbokgung,Unhyeongung is simple in design and use of colour for a palace. 
Yesterday It was so cold and windy for sketch, but snow-covered traditional buildings harmonized with the surroundings looked very beautiful. I sketched these elegant and lovely buildings at Unhyeongung Palace,thougtless of the time. After sketching at Unhyeongung Palace, on my way home, I dropped in the Nagweon Musical Instruments Arcade and drew some sketches in a melodious atmosphere.


Tamiz said...

외국인들에게 한국의 건축은 이런 것이다라는 것을 정말 명료하게 설명할 수 있는 그림과 글.. 너무 그림들이 좋습니다..

Lee Yong Hwan said...

도시와 풍물을 소개하는 스케치(일러스트,삽화 포함)와 紀行서적들이 많이 있습니다만, 제 경우는 현장 스케치 자체를 회화작품으로 연결시키려는~~ 넓은 의미의 스케치를 추구하고 있습니다.
현장에서 넘치는 스케치 소재를 볼 때마다 '시간은 金'이라고 절실히 느낍니다.