Monday, October 20, 2014

45th World Wide SketchCrawl at Yeouinaru(여의나루), Seoul

a scene around 63 Building and Wonhyodaegyo, pencil and watercolor, 21 x  29.6cm

another sketch on the same spot,  pen and  watercolor, 21 x  29.6cm

buildingscape nearby Yeouinaru, pen and watercolor, 21 x  29.6cm

E-Land cruise terminal,  pen and watercolor, 21 x  29.6cm

a cruise ship, pen and watercolor, 21 x  29.6cm

a scene of northern Seoul across the Han River, pen and watercolor, 21 x  29.6cm

Last Saturday, the 45th worldwide SketchCrawl, usk Seoul members met at Yeouinaru, which is adjacent  to the Han River. There are lots of subjects to sketch in Yeouinaru.  Han River and the surrounding sceneries including riverside high-rise buildings, cruise terminal crowded with passengers, colorful ships and boats fascinated us. Many buildings and bridges over the Han River presented the dramatic view of the panoramic skylines along the riverside. We enjoyed an exciting sketch time in the riverside open park.


이성우 said...

좋은시간였을거 같네요.
여의나루 가본적없는데 그림보니 가보고 싶을정도로 현장성이 잘 드러나있는거 같습니다.^^

Anne Le Maître said...

How coloured and dynamic ! I like this.

Lee Yong Hwan said...

저도 처음이었는데 인상적이었습니다...
한강변 서울의 아름다움과 선착장의 이국적 느낌이 어우러진 멋진 스케치 장소였습니다.
Anne! Thank you for your visit and favorable comment.

Hyeong mi Ham said...

에너지가 느껴지는 선이 정말 멋있습니다!