Monday, April 27, 2015

47th World Wide SketchCrawl, Gyeonggi English Village, Paju City

Main Gate of Gyeonggi English Village (영어마을 입구), pencil and watercolor, 24 x 32cm

City Hall (시청), pen and watercolor, 24 x 32cm 

a scenery around the main street (시청앞 중앙로), pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.6cm

Concert hall(공연장), pen and watercolor, 24 x 32cm

a scenery around the market street (마켓 거리), pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.6cm

Science Safari and Exciting Adventure (체험교육관), pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.6cm
Last Saturday, It was very fine and clear weather to sketch outdoors. In celebration of the 47th World Wide SketchCrawl, we usk Seoul members met at Gyeonggi English Village (경기영어마을) in Paju City (파주시) close to Seoul. As soon as I entered the village through castle shaped gate, a new world of fantastic atmosphere with beautiful buildings and diverse performances impressed me.
The street is lined on each side with the typical western style buildings where English programs are conducted, with the the restaurants and convenience stores drawing the interested visitors and tourists. All facilities have been newly built to simulate a village in an English-speaking country. Students can learn English by enjoying a cultural experience in an exotic environment. Though it is located near urban areas for easy access, it is a suburban English village in harmony with its surrounding natural environment.
We enjoyed an exciting sketch time across the fantastic village in the outskirts of Seoul.

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