Friday, September 18, 2015

sketches at the noon concert in Seoul City Hall

sketches by Lee Yong-hwan

Violin Player 440, Kim Yong-seok, pen, A 4

Guitarist Go Young-hwack of the Bargain Virus, pen, A 4

Bargain Virus, pen, A 4

sketches by Yoo Byung-hwa

Violin Player 440, Kim Yong-seok, pencil watercolor, 25 x 18.5 cm

Bargain Virus, pencil, watercolor, 18.5 x 25 cm

Kim Yong-seok(김용석) is playing 'Let It Go'.

YH Lee presented his works to the artists(violinist Kim Yong-seok and guitarist Go Young-hwack)

Seoul city hall holds a small concert of one hour at noon for citizens inside the hall. YH Lee and I met there for sketching them yesterday. Violin Player 440 played several nice music with his electric violin for 30 minutes. And the Bargain Virus played during last half an hour. It was a very good program for citizens to hear music for free (though there is a tip box. not compulsory). Music was so sweet that YH Lee stopped to draw being attracted by the violinist's various poses and melody. He presented his drawings to the players. We shared thanks and had good time for sketching and healing ourselves with wonderful music.

어제 점심시간에 이용환샘과 시청 청사내의 작은 공연장에서 만나 연주를 감상했습니다. 시청사에서 시민들을 위하여 여러 행사를 마련하는 것 중에 음악회는 정말 소중한 프로그램으로 느껴집니다. 멋진 음악을 들으며 고단한 일상을 잊고 다시 삶에의 활력을 주겠지요. 힘든 여건 속에 웃으며 연주하는 음악가들의 탑박스에 손을 넣는 시민들을 보는 것도 기분 좋은 일이었어요. 


Kim Mikyung said...

음악회의 분위기가 전해집니다. ^^

bh yoo said...

도심에서 부담없이 쉬며 그림도 그리고...감사합니다.