Sketch Meet-up in Sep.

[Sketch Meet-up on Sep. 23rd, 2017]
- Place: Children's Grand Park (능동 어린이대공원)
- Time: 10:30 am ~ 4:00 pm
- Meeting Spot: In front of Palgakdang(Octagonal pavilion) (팔각당 앞)
선선한 바람을 느낄 수 있는 가을이 왔습니다. 덥지도 춥지도 않은 좋은 계절에 모여 스케치하는 즐거움을 함께하면 좋겠습니다. 스케치 모임에 회비는 없으며 각자 스케치하실 도구를 지참하셔서 참석하시면 됩니다.
[How to be a member of Seoul Urban Sketchers]
1. 먼저 seoulurbansketchers@gmail.com으로 '한글 및 영문 성함, 전화번호, 이메일 주소'를 간략한 자기소개와 함께 보내주세요.
2. 모임에 참가하신 후, 그리신 그림을 처음 보내셨던 메일에 회신하시는 형식으로 다시 한번 seoulurbansketchers@gmail.com으로 보내주세요. 이후 관리자가 블로그 게시 권한을 드리는 초대장을 발송해 드립니다.
3. 초대장을 수락하신 후, 블로그에 그림을 올려주세요. 혹시 방법을 모르시는 경우 관리자에게 메일이나 전화로 연락하시면 도와 드립니다.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Flavor and style of coffee

I don't know well about the flavor of coffee yet, but I enjoy styling with coffee.
When I meet friends, we order coffee and naturally we can chat and feel sympathy even though.
Sometimes our opinions differ.
As everyone looks different, the thought are different too.
And I think that is how people get to know each other.
It was impressive that this cafe had simple sian and clear message.

커피의 맛과 멋

아직도 커피의 맛을 모르지만 커피를 즐기는 멋은 만끽하고 있습니다.
모임에서 친구를 막 마주치면 서먹하다가도 커피를 시키면 자연스럽게 이야기가 나오고 마음을 공감하게 됩니다. 간혹 의견이 어긋나기도 하지만.
각자의 모습이 다르듯이 생각도 다른것은 당연한 것입니다.
그러면서 상대를 알아가는 과정이라고 생각합니다.
이 커피숍의 사인은 깔끔하고 메세지가 명확히 전달되어서 인상적이 였습니다.

Monday, August 24, 2015

some sketches at Petite France, Gapyeong (가평), Korea

Main entrance viewed from the opposite side of the village, pencil and watercolor

scenery of a cluster of buildings over Amphitheater, pen and watercolor

Antique Gallery, Studio and Shops, pen and watercolor

Marionette House and adjacent buildings, brush pen and watercolor

Observatory and Petite Terrace with Han river viewed from Maestro Gang Cafe, 
pen and watercolor

Maestro Gang Cafe, pen and watercolor

diverse suits of amour, pen and watercolor

Dolls, clowns and a witch in Antique Gallery, pen and watercolor
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook )
A few days ago, in a hot summer weather, I visited a beautiful exotic village and had a lovely sketch time in the outskirts. Petite France (쁘띠 프랑스) in Gapyeong County (Gyeonggi-do, Korea) is a famous French culture Village  and it is only an hour drive from Seoul.
Petite France consists of 16 French style buildings where the visitors can experience 
French food, clothing, and household culture. Entering the gate of the village, I came across a few European style architecture, colorful buildings on the low hill. Inside, there are paintings, dolls, live band performance, souvenirs shop, convenience store and what most valuable is the view of Han river with colorful panoramic landscape of countryside. 
I sketched some exotic buildings and antique exhibits feeling like a child for a while. It was a fantastic sketch time.
쁘띠 프랑스 (프랑스 문화전시관)~~ 
청평댐을 지나 북한강과 호명산의 수려한 주위 배경과 함께 
마치 알프스 산록의 전원마을 같은 유럽 느낌의 아름다운 경관
생텍쥐베리..인형극장...앤티크 유럽골동품...곁들이는 공연과 마술~~
프랑스 문화와 함께 즐기는 생활주변 가까이에 살아있는 스케치 현장입니다.

Friday, August 21, 2015

sketches at Petite France, Gapyeong, Korea

scenery of Petite terrace and observatory with Han river on left seen from Maestro Gang Cafe in the Beethoven Virus Filming site, pencil, watercolor, A 4

scenery of Petite France seen from Maestro Gang Cafe in the Beethoven Virus Filming site, 2nd floor,
pencil, watercolor, A 4

indoor scene of Antiques Gallery

scenery at Petite France with a standing plate of young couple for taking photos, pencil(8B), watercolor, A 4

Last Monday, Aug. 17 I went to Petite France, an imitated village of France. I heard many times about its pretty features. The first purpose was to sketch them and the second one was to confirm whether it might be able to be a sketching place for Seoul sketchers to go together. YH Lee accompanied me to sketch and to discuss together. It took over two hours by car even on Monday. And it seemed not easy by bus or train for a group to move and sketch enough. The scenery was good but the scale was smaller than the English Village in Paju city in my point of view. So I recommend you to visit personally for sketching because it's worth to capture exotic scenery with Hangang(river) downward. We didn't visit every building for the short of time. So we hope to go again for larger paintings in Autumn season. We may see different scenes by colored leaves in low mountains behind the village. 

지난 월요일에 가평군 청평면에 있는 쁘티 프랑스에 이용환샘과 다녀왔어요. 말로만 듣던바라 직접 보고 그림도 그리고 서울 스케쳐들과 함께 갈 수 있을지 확인도 해보고 싶었어요. 산비탈에 위치해서 파주의 영어마을처럼 넓지는 않았지만 나름 아기자기한 전시물도 있고 멀리 내려다 보이는 북한강 물도 보이는 것이 이색적이었습니다. 월요일이었는데도 방문객이 많더군요. 시간이 없어서 전시관들을 다 방문하지는 못했는데 가을에 다시 가 볼생각으로 아쉬움을 달래고 돌아왔습니다. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

sketches at Jongno, Seoul

Susong-dong scenery seen from 2nd floor of Burger King, Jongno, pencil 8B, watercolor, A 4

pencil (8B), watercolor, white conte pencil, 30.5 x 40.6 cm

lotus in containers at the foreground of Jogyesa, pen, watercolor, A 4

pencil, watercolor, A 4

I went downtown, Susong-dong, Jongno in successive two days. After sketching old buildings at Susong-dong from the 2nd floor of Burger King, Jongno district branch on Aug. 12, I visited Jogyesa temple. Wow I saw lots of lotus plants grown in water containers laid on foreground. Some blossomed and others were budded. It was a surprise to see lotus plants in such scale at the center of big city. Lotus is a symbol of buddhism because it blossoms in mud water. Though it was very hot still I couldn't just appreciate the beauty without sketching them. I visited the temple again the next day to draw more after sketching the old building on a bigger paper in different viewpoint. I'd like to go more to enjoy the atmosphere which the plants bring in downtown. 

지난 12일과 13일에 종로 수송동에 나가서 버거킹 건물 2층에서 바라보이는 오래된 건물을 그렸어요.  12일에 조계사를 방문하면서 만난 마당가득한 연꽃을 보고 그렸고 다음날도 가서 그렸습니다. 도심에서 그렇게 많은 연꽃을 만난 것이 뒤늦은 감이 있지만 다행이었어요. 뜨거운 날에 의자도 빌리고 너무 뜨거우면 천막에 들어가서 그리기도 했어요. 도심속에 행사를 자주 만나게되고 많은 신도와 방문객으로 붐비는 조계사같은 스케치 장소가 있어서 좋습니다.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hanwha Aqua Planet Ilsan sketches

Hanwha Aqua Planet Ilsan building, conte, A 4

Walrus resting in the corner of aquarium, sepia conte, A 4

people in walrus aquarium, brush pen, pastels, A 4

trainers with walrus, conte, pastels, A 4

Deep blue ocean aquarium, conte, pastels, A 4

jaguar resting on rock, sepia conte, A 4

parrot on tree, sepia conte, pastels, A 4

It was too hot but lots of visitors didn't care about it for kids and parents. All the corridors were crowded with families. Young parents were eager to explain the fish and animal for kids taking photos here and there. How hard it is to be parents! I visit there for I could see different features which were made by visitors, fish and animals. This time I dared to draw the facade of the building though it blew harshly. I hope to know more about them and catch nice poses. 

전시회때문에 못갔던 아쿠아 플라넷에 가보았어요. 우선 입장에 앞서서 그려야지 머리에만 두었던 건물 외관을 주차장 연돌에 앉아 그렸어요. 간단히 점심을 먹고 올라갔어요. 와우...전에없이 입구에 줄이 겹으로 서서 입장객을 시간을 두고 들여보내는 것이었어요. 아뿔사 저는 항상 휴가중인데 젊은 분들은 휴가를 받아 아이들과 부모님을 모시고 온 것이었어요. 한참을 기다려 들어갔더니 역시나 입구부터 막혀있더군요. 보통 처음에는 꼼꼼히 보게 되는 것이라여기고 안으로 들어갔어요. 딥블루오션 앞의 넓은 공간이 꼭찼어요. 여름, 겨울 휴가중에는 피해야겠다 싶었습니다. 재규어가 모처럼 낮잠중이라 그릴 수 있었구요. 다들 더워서 지친 모습입니다. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

sketches at Gwanghwamun Square

national flag on former integrated government building seen from the rooftop(8th floor) in National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, conte, pastels, A 4

a man was checking his mobile seated on bench in rooftop of the museum,
Blue house, president's residence, is seen down the top of the Bugaksan-mountain.
pen, conte, pastels, A 4

buildings seen from the 3rd floor of the museum, conte, pastels, A 4

swimming pools with two slides on the Sejong street, Gwanghwamun Square,
brush pen, pastels, A 4

exhibition "70 Voices of 70 Years" in the museum

Yesterday I went to Gwanghwamun to sketch there. Visiting the museum I could see lots of records in living, democracy, industrial developments after the Independence, 1945, which was held for the celebration of 70th anniversary of National Liberation Day, Aug. 15, 1945. After sketching some on the rooftop and 3rd floor I walked and found people enjoying in pools which were set up for kids on the Sejong Street reserving the passage of cars. Citizens with their children seemed happy. I enjoyed with them sketching too.

어제 광화문에 있는 대한민국 역사 박물관에서 광복 70년을 기념하여 전시중인 "70년의 세월, 70가지 이야기" 를 관람하고 나와서 보니 세종문화회관쪽에 물미끄럼대와 풀장에 아이들이 몰눌이하는 풍경을 보았어요. 하루뿐이지만 광화문에 차량을 통제하고 시민에게 그 공간을 돌려주는 것같아 그들과 함께 시원한 물놀이를 한 느낌이었어요. 간밤에 천둥벼락이 쳤는데 다행히 낮에는 비가 안와서 다행이다 싶었습니다. 신촌에서도 한차례 같은 행사가 있었다고 했는데 이번에 광화문에서 만나게 되어 한장 그렸습니다.