Friday, July 29, 2016

sketches at an a​uto showroom in Lotte World Mall

scene of the a​uto showroom

concept car LF-C2

front view of the concept car

coffee shop "Connect To" with an interesting atmosphere
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook,  pen and watercolor )
Lotte World Tower(123-floor) locates at Jamsil, Seoul. The tower is still under construction at top part. People visit there to see the high rise building and mall. At the 1st floor I saw nice looking cars at the coffee shop "Connect To". There were three cars including shining gold color concept car LF-C2. 
I sketched one by one. One female staff showed curiosity and told me about Lexus Brand Experience Space and took photos before I left. While I was drawing these sketches I felt so sorry about the sudden death of Flaf.
Rest in peace, Flaf.
잠실 롯데 몰의 수많은 인파 속에~~
화려한 쇼핑공간 1층 카페 오토 전시장은
매력적이고 환상적인 신차들과 더불어
즐거운 스케치에 빠져들게 합니다.

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