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Sunday, July 31, 2016

#52th World Wide SketchCrawl

acrylic sketch at the 9th roof garden, Hangang observatory, 39 x 26.5 cm

yellow car inside the mart, 1st floor, which was used as sunglasses shop,
conte, acrylic, watercolor, 39 x 26.5 cm

shoes shop, 1st floor, where many umbrellas were hung for decoration

Lotteria, 9th floor, pen, watercolor, 39 x 26.5 cm

* * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  * * * * 
The following two works were drawn by new comer Kim Yeon Jae.

Kim Yeon Jea

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Olympic bridge 

Lotte World Tower(123-floor)

Techno Mart located at Guui-dong, Gwangjin-gu is a big shopping mall. It has a very attractive space, Hangang)river) observatory. Five sketchers including two new comers, Lee Jeong Sook and Kim Yeon Jae gathered there. It was very hot and humid with rain drops from time to time. In the morning we stayed outside though our backs were wet by sweats. After having lunch and cold drinks we went down to shopping mall. We found a pretty yellow car on 1st floor. How creative the owner who has used it as a showcase of sunglasses was! People seemed to be caught by the car and tried to put the goods. 
At four pm we enjoyed our works spreading them on steps at 9th floor. Some wanted to see night scenery of river. Wow it was very fantastic. 
Thank you so much for the new comers! We hope you to keep sketching together.

무척 더웠습니다. 9층 옥상 전망대에서 먼저 오신 이정숙선생님을 반가이 만났습니다. 잠시 소개를 나눈 후에 그림을 그리시 시작했는데 등에서 땀이 줄줄 흐르더군요. 간신히 아크릴 그림을 마치고 점심을 들고 실내에서 그렸구요. 한낮에 밖에서 한강 풍경을 멋지게 그리신 윤영숙선생님의 열정에 박수를 보냅니다. 오루 4시에 그림 감상을 하고 이야기를 나누다가 늦게 합류하신 김연제선생님을 맞아 저녁까지 먹고 옥상 정원에서 한강 야경을 감상하였습니다. 더워서 그런지 야경이 훨씬 인상적이었습니다. 서울의 이런 저런 아름다운 모습을 그릴 수 있다는 것에 고마움을 느낍니다. 새로 오신 두분께서 앞으로 즐거운 시간 함께 하시기를 바랍니다. 감사합니다!

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