Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A part of a big building, Ssamzigil, Insa-dong

19 x 25 cm

I often go to Insa Art Center to see exhibited works there. I go up to 6th floor by elevator and walk down to the ground by walk. And I stop at a wonderful terrace on 5th floor with nice views around the building. Across the Insadong street we can look a big building from the ground to the rooftop with lawn and trees. We can see people come and go shopping and taking rest here and there and walking the rounding ramps. Through the year we see different features by changing colors of trees. The building is always crowded by tourists from the world. I just cut that complicated scene vertically to simplify my drawing. 

지난 주에 인사아트센터를 방문하고 늘 들르는 5층 테라스에서 쌈지길 빌딩을 일부 그렸습니다. 날씨는 워낙 후덥지근했지만 그 테라스가 비오면 도구펴기가 어려운지라 참고 그렸어요. 항상 생동감이 넘치는 곳이라 변화무쌍한 모습이 그려볼만했습니다. 전시작품들도 보고 그림도 한점하고 일석이조였습니다.

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