Monday, June 22, 2020

Sketches around Jangchungdan Park, Seoul

a street scene viewed from the entrance of Jangchungdan Park, pen and watercolor, 
(54 x 72cm)

a sketch at the beautiful courtyard of Caffe Bene, pencil and watercolor, (36 x51cm)

.sketching on the flower bed at the entrance of the park

Last Saturday, in the scorching heat of early summer, we usk Seoul members gathered at Jangchungdan Park for a regular sketch meeting. Located at the foot of Namsan Mountain, which gives a feeling of warmth to Seoul citizens, Jangchungdan Park is a convenient place for transportation and is close to the city center. Like any other park in Seoul, it is a cozy and fresh resting place with pine trees, various broadleaf trees, lawns, outdoor stages, and sports facilities for citizens. In more than 120 years of history,
statues of ancestors, various cultural assets, modern architecture and symbols around the park are precious family parks that live in the hearts of Seoulites.
The places wherever I have sketched many times have the pleasure of finding a new feeling on the spot. At first, the bustling streets and the surrounding buildings seen from the entrance of the pleasant park caught my eye. After lunch, I was attracted to the beautiful courtyard of Caffe Bene as a comfortable place for sketching.
It was a useful day drawing the large-sized watercolor sketch to capture the new feeling of the scene around Jangchungdan Park.
장충단공원 주변의 푸르른 신록은 뜨거운 여름을 식혀주는 도시의 청량제와 같습니다.
교통이 편리한 가족공원, 성곽길 따라서 남산의 정취와 서울의 경관을 만끽하며.....
관광호텔과 캠퍼스, 체육관, 각종 맛집들, 전통문화와 볼꺼리들이 어우러지는 주변 속에서
여름 땡볕을 막아주는 네거리의 교통섬 그늘막이 장충동의 포커스처럼 눈길을 끌었습니다.

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