Friday, January 12, 2018

Urbansketching at the National Museum of Korea

Started drawing this one first. It's national treasure No.47. National Museum of Korea, Yongsan.
At the museum, just drew the line and shade, and coloured it after because of the regulation. We cannot use watercolour inside of the museum, but I desperately wanted to colour it because it is made of gilt bronze. So I coloured it after at home. There are two more drawings that I used watercolour, and all they are same as this one. The security staff warned me even when I used pencil wrap case which can contain many pens and pencils for the drawings. I though it too much for "SAFE" but anyway it's their one of rules so I followed it.
These two

10 story pagoda. made of stone. It is literally 'in the museum' most of them are not. However this one, they wanted to protect the tower from the acid rain and other harmful chemicals. Anyway I couldn't draw the full except the top part. These two are the same way as above.

There was a café, mostly tea, coffee, and dessert. I didn't order sweets (they're selling Korean traditional rice cake as dessert and mostly it is quite sweet. Try some if you like.) It's on the 3rd floor/4th ground in the building. They sell quite good green tea. It will warm you.

Only one landscape drawing, drew it inside of the building. Some of you may ask why it is coloured inside. There was a lounge at the corner of the 2nd floor, (luckily found it ;)) and there were great views outside. I couldn't help drawing it.

In the lounge, there were two more Seoul urban sketchers. We all drew the view of outside.

Middle Hall of the Museum

India & Southeast Room of the Museum

 A view from café on the 2nd floor
It was about 4:20pm. so I wanted to express the light and shadow from the doors.
It was first time to join the Seoul Urbansketchers and was a pleasure time.
Cannot wait for the next drawing time.

Drawing at the National Museum of Korea

                 It was  biting cold the day before yesterday.
                 So, I used my car, and we worked inside of the
                 building, National Museum of Korea.
                 There are so many National Treasures,but I could't
                 see them. As you know, we had another task of drawing ㅠㅠ
                 It's weekday, not crowded, rather solemn.
                 Here and there I could see lots of students and people
                 listening to the guide's explanation . The sights looks good .
                 I drew a picture comfortably in that atmosphere...

                 무척이나 추운날씨지만  박물관은 주차가 가능하고 실내작업을
                 하므로 추위는 별 걱정이 되지 않았다.
                 유물을 어떤방법으로 그려야할지가...관건.
                 주중이라 붐비지 않았고 오히려 약간 엄숙한 분위기..
                 방학을 맞은 많은 학생들과 일반인들이 가이드의 설명에
                 귀를 기울이는 모습이 여기저기에서 보였다.
                 그 분위기에 젖어 잠시나마 세상걱정 내려놓고...
                 그림삼매경에 빠졌다.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sketches at the National Museum of Korea, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

exhibited books in glass case

Buddha stone sculpture

six pieces of bamboo picture scrolls by Jo Hee Ryong (1789 - 1866)

exhibition room of white ceramic vases

wooden furniture

wooden bench designed after wooden furniture 


scene seen from the 2nd floor with part of Gyeongcheonsa Pagoda

king's chair of Joseon dynasry with big painting in the background, which was made by 65 % of real scale in Gyeongbokgung(palace)

It was very cold though we couldn't compare it with the terrible icy weather in north America. But some great sketchers challenged to draw outdoor. Every time I visit there I feel just small in front of all those masterpieces. We enjoyed both appreciating treasures and drawing them. Being in the space full of great works would enhance our taste too.

Thank you all!

요즘같은 추위에 국립중앙박물관을 방문하는 것만해도 보람있는 일이라고 생각됩니다. 거기에 한점 두점 그려나가면서 선조들의 피땀과 애환이 담긴 보물들을 가까이 보는 기회를 자주 가졌으면 합니다. 추운 날씨에 참여하신 분들께 감사드립니다.

참여하신 분들 : 이용환, 이충근, 한정선, 최정은, 김미옥, 조은비(새로 오신 분), 유병화

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

정동 전망대에서

드로잉 장소인  서울역에  늦게  도착했습니다.
다른분들은  서울역서    스케치를 하고  광화문으로  이동하셨더군요
신  시청사는  처음 와봤는데  ~  서울에  가보지  않은곳이  정말  많은것같습니다
볼거리도  그릴소재도  정말 많은 서울입니다.
예전에  올라갔던    건물  전망대에서   몇점 스케치를 했습니다.
최고의  스케치장소  입니다.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Seoul Station and Jeondong Obervatory

Saemaul Railway (19x19cm), pen and watercolor

platform in Seoul Station (19x19cm), pen and watercolor

Seoul Plaza in Winter from the Jeongdong Observatory, (24x32cm), pen and watercolor

Deoksugung from the Jeongdong Observatory, (24x32cm), pen and watercolor

The first Seoul Urban Sketchers meeting was at Seoul Station in 2018.
We got together and said hello and started drawing apart.
I went down to the platform and drew.
But it was too cold to stay long, so I came in after pen drawing
After lunch, we moved to the cityhall to draw recently opened ice rink in Seoul Plaza.
we went to the Jeondong Obervatory and started sketching again.

새해 복 많이 받으세요!!
정동전망대는 언제가 다시 한번 더 가고 싶네요... 덕수궁 그리러..~~

Sunday, January 7, 2018

sketches around the Seoul Station and Seoul City Hall

panoramic view from the food court inside the Seoul Station, (26 x 37cm), 
pen and watercolor

a scene at the food court, (21 x 29.6cm), pen and watercolor

Seoul Plaza Ice Rink, (29.6 x 42cm), pen and watercolor

viewed from the Jeongdong Observatory, (29.6 x 42cm), pen and watercolor
Yesterday, we usk Seoul members met at the Seoul Station for the first sketch meeting this year. It was a bit cold to sketch outdoors from morning, we sketched around Food Court on the 3rd floor inside the Seoul Station. After lunch, I moved to the Seoul City Hall and the Jeongdong Observatory nearby. I sketched the fantastic scene of the ice rink in front of the city hall and the panoramic scene looking through the window on the 13th floor of the Jeongdong Observatory. It was a good sketch time in familiar places despite the cold weather.
새해를 맞아.. 서울역의 분주한 모습과 활기찬 아이스링크처럼
서울 어반스케쳐님들의 왕성한 스케치의 한해를 기원합니다~~

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Sketches at the Seoul Station, Seoul Plaza, and Jeongdong Observatory

a soldier having lunch at the food court of Seoul Station, brush pen, pastels, A 4

a scene on 1st floor of Seoul Station, pencil, watercolor, A 4

ticket office on 1st floor, Seoul Station, pencil, watercolor, A 4

ice rink at Seoul Plaza, pen, pastels, A 4

big X-Mas tree at Seoul Plaza, pen, pastels, A 4

scenery of Deoksugung(Palace) seen from Jeongdong Observatory, pen, watercolor, A 4

visitors enjoying the beautiful scenery at the observatory, pencil, watercolor, A 4

It was still cold though sunny. Seoul station has been one of our favorite sketching places for its importance as the main railroad station to most of people in nation. It was always crowded with passengers. The new building built on 2003 has many convenient facilities such as big food court, convenience shops and connected to the big outlet. And passengers to go abroad can use Airport Railroad there. Above all passengers can have food seeing the urban scenery through big pane glasses. Of course we, sketchers, have chances to capture those scenes too. I visited there so many times for sketching but I still have lots of objects to draw by moving people and kinds of demonstrations held around the station. 
After lunch time we moved to Seoul city Hall together. I tried to draw skaters who were enjoying cold weather running on ice. It was very funny enough to see them. White ice and dark buildings surrounding the rink looked strong by contrast. 
For the cold weather it was not easy to keep sketching more I moved to the Jeongdong Observatory located nearby the Seoul City Hall. It's loved by citizens for its nice view from 13th floor, where we can see the Deoksugung and surrounding scenery including beautiful Anglican Church of Korea. Having tea in the cafe we had good time sketching together in winter day. Thank you all!

오늘 새해 첫 모임을 서울역, 시청광장, 정동 전망대에서 스케치를 함으로 시작했습니다. 
여전히 추운 날씨에 참여해주신 분들께 감사드림니다.

참여하신 분 : 이용환, 윤영숙, 이충근, 백경원, 최정은, 김미옥, 김선희(새로오신분), 유병화

수고 많으셨습니다.