Friday, January 12, 2018

Urbansketching at the National Museum of Korea

Started drawing this one first. It's national treasure No.47. National Museum of Korea, Yongsan.
At the museum, just drew the line and shade, and coloured it after because of the regulation. We cannot use watercolour inside of the museum, but I desperately wanted to colour it because it is made of gilt bronze. So I coloured it after at home. There are two more drawings that I used watercolour, and all they are same as this one. The security staff warned me even when I used pencil wrap case which can contain many pens and pencils for the drawings. I though it too much for "SAFE" but anyway it's their one of rules so I followed it.
These two

10 story pagoda. made of stone. It is literally 'in the museum' most of them are not. However this one, they wanted to protect the tower from the acid rain and other harmful chemicals. Anyway I couldn't draw the full except the top part. These two are the same way as above.

There was a café, mostly tea, coffee, and dessert. I didn't order sweets (they're selling Korean traditional rice cake as dessert and mostly it is quite sweet. Try some if you like.) It's on the 3rd floor/4th ground in the building. They sell quite good green tea. It will warm you.

Only one landscape drawing, drew it inside of the building. Some of you may ask why it is coloured inside. There was a lounge at the corner of the 2nd floor, (luckily found it ;)) and there were great views outside. I couldn't help drawing it.

In the lounge, there were two more Seoul urban sketchers. We all drew the view of outside.

Middle Hall of the Museum

India & Southeast Room of the Museum

 A view from café on the 2nd floor
It was about 4:20pm. so I wanted to express the light and shadow from the doors.
It was first time to join the Seoul Urbansketchers and was a pleasure time.
Cannot wait for the next drawing time.


BH Yoo said...

반가왔어요. 다양한 시선이 좋습니다.
자주 뵙기 바라구요~~

Lee Yong Hwan said...

풍부한 감성과 왕성한 에너지...
열정적인 스케치 활동으로 좋은 작품들을 기대합니다,