Monday, January 8, 2018

Seoul Station and Jeondong Obervatory

Saemaul Railway (19x19cm), pen and watercolor

platform in Seoul Station (19x19cm), pen and watercolor

Seoul Plaza in Winter from the Jeongdong Observatory, (24x32cm), pen and watercolor

Deoksugung from the Jeongdong Observatory, (24x32cm), pen and watercolor

The first Seoul Urban Sketchers meeting was at Seoul Station in 2018.
We got together and said hello and started drawing apart.
I went down to the platform and drew.
But it was too cold to stay long, so I came in after pen drawing
After lunch, we moved to the cityhall to draw recently opened ice rink in Seoul Plaza.
we went to the Jeondong Obervatory and started sketching again.

새해 복 많이 받으세요!!
정동전망대는 언제가 다시 한번 더 가고 싶네요... 덕수궁 그리러..~~


BH Yoo said...

추위를 무릅쓰신 보람이 있는데요. 플래트폼 그림 멋집니다

한정선 said...

금방이라도 이야기가 튀어나올듯..
동화책을 펼친듯 예쁘네요~

Lee Yong Hwan said...

서울역 플래트폼과 시청사...
경쾌한 표현이면서도 밀도있는 구성이 좋습니다~



bikyung said...

플렛폼의 여인은 어디 가는걸까요?^^