Saturday, July 11, 2009

at the 23rd sketch crawl at Ewha woman's university

On the way home I sketched the wedding dress shop at bus stop around Ewha woman's university.

Snack vendor

USK Seoul member, Kim Mi-kyung

Eating house, Taco & Rice at an alley

Burger King shop

Participants : Song Hye-sun, Bang Yeon-hee, Jung Un-ja, Lee Yong-hwan

Participants : Bang Yeon-hee, Ryu Young-sun

We enjoyed the 23rd sketch crawl at the university. Thanks a lot for all participants.
See you next sketch crawl !!!


Kim Mikyung said...

가게들 그림이 참 재미있네요. 저는 모르고 지나쳤는데..
진선드레스 is my favorite. And thanks for drawing me!

gabi campanario said...

it's so great to see all the Seoul sketchers! i love your drawing of Kim!