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Saturday, July 3, 2010

boys were playing

On 1998 I sketched two boys(my son and his friend) playing at my home. I didn't have any thought about the value of drawing itself at that time, just but I drew them on thin paper and added watercolor. They're grown up to become soldiers now. He came home today for one day holiday after enrollment three months ago. I post the drawing remembering the old days.


ecrire said...

Teacher remembers word that say children that paint much when is young sometime. Is realized as watch this picture.
Spends the short holiday by now and would return to military.
An army watch passes fast and discharges teacher mind is likely to be put.
Shadow of desk under is leading well atmosphere of picture.

Yoo Byung-hwa said...

He returned to his unit yesterday. I feel as if he enrolls again. Thanks!