Saturday, July 13, 2013

40th World Wide SketchCrawl at Jogyesa, 40차 스케치크롤 (조계사)

at the temple, Jogyesa located at Gyeonji-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Temple stay building with placards across the temple

administration building with shops which sells buddhism books, candles, rice, & etc

main building seen from the entrance

scenery with Bosingag at Jongno street

New comer, Kim Ji-won

drawing of Kim Ji-weon

Hwang Hwa-sook

New comer, Lee Si-won

New comers, Kim Tae-ho, Lee Kou-young

Choi Seung-won

Yoo Byung-hwa, Lee Yong-hwan

Despite of heavy rain, nine sketchers including four new comers participated in!
Jogyesa locates at Jongno - one of busiest places in Seoul. It's a headquarter of Jogye Order in Korea Buddhist, so many believers and foreign tourists visit. After sketching there we moved to the Jongno street for capturing the Bosingag where the bells of New Year tolled. 
Thank you all the participants, especially New Comers! 
Hope you to keep sketching together forwards!

Please visit 40th World Wide SketchCrawl page and share all the sketches on the globe.


nabirani said...

비도 오시는데 고생 많으셨어요. 저 대웅전 불상 그림 멋닙니다!! 올만에 봬서 반가웠어요 ㅎㅎ

slqkqh765 said...

뭔가 슥슥 사람 실루엣을 참 맛깔나게 잘 그리시는것 같습니다. 두리뭉실, 다음에 옆에서 한번 구경해 볼랍니다. ㅎㅎ