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[Sketch Meet-up on Oct. 28th, 2017]
- Place: Seoul Station & Seoul 7017 (서울역 & 서울로 7017)
- Nearest Subway Station : Seoul Station, Line No. 1 or 4 (1호선 혹은 4호선 서울역)
- Time: 10:30 am ~ 4:00 pm (오전 10시 30분부터 오후 4시까지)
- Meeting Spot: In front of Food Court at 3rd Fl. in Seoul Station (서울역사 3층 푸드 코트 앞)
10월 두 번째 어반스케치 모임 장소는 하루 평균 9만여 명이 이용하는 대한민국 수도인 서울의 관문, '서울역'입니다. 오전에 3층에 자리한 푸드코트에서 만나 점심 식사 후에는 '서울로 7017'로 이동할 예정입니다. 2015년 폐쇄되었던 서울역 고가는 2017년에 도심 속의 공원으로 재 탄생하였습니다. 국내 최초의 고가 보행로인 서울로 7017을 거닐면서 서울의 풍경을 다시 한번 새로운 시각으로 느껴 보시기 바랍니다.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

an excavation site of an old house, Insa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

In front of Tongin building located at Insa-dong an excavation was undergoing when I was passing the street today. I sketched three pieces using pencil and pen. A young man who was noting the size of width, length and height of each stone in the site. Three men were removing earth from the stones very carefully. The Tongin company might have tried to explore the frontal area and found the old house foundation while digging. Cultural properties protection committee would supervise the excavation.
12 x 16 cm

heating stones in Korean traditional heating system and way of moving heated air

men cleaning the space between two rooms

exhibition placards at the frontal gate of the Tongin store building

people showing interest in the excavation site

Today I went to Insa-dong for visiting galleries including the one of Hwang Hwa Sook who was one of Seoul Urban Sketchers. She was having her first exhibition about so many cats on 3rd floor of Insa Art Center. I met her long since. And while I was walking the Insa street I saw people gathered taking photos. I sketched three pieces on small sketch pad. Sketching on the spot gave me nice chance of observation of something whether it's trifle or important. I spent precious time capturing the old house site where our ancestors had been living.


박제욱 said...

현장스케치의 매력이 확 느껴 집니다.
한참 고민했던 이쁜 그림에서 이젠 눈으로 보이는 대로 그리기로 마음도 안정되었고 이제는 열심히 그릴꺼에요. 하지만 선생님의 둥글둥글 선은 늘 부러워요.

bh yoo said...

마음이 안정되었다니 저도 좋습니다. 서울역 모임에 처음 나오신 이후 그리신 많은 그림들이 한장 한장 쌓여서 커다란 성채가 될때까지 꾸준히 그리시기 바래요.