#56 World Wide SketchCrawl

#56 World Wide SketchCrawl on July 29th, 2017

Place : Common Ground near Geonguk Univ. Subway Station Line no. 2, Exit 6 (3 minutes' walk from the station)
Time : From 10:30 am to 4:00 pm
Meeting Spot : Plaza in Common Ground

7월 29일은 제 56차 월드 와이드 스케치크롤 행사가 있는 날입니다. 이번 스케치 장소는 건국대역 6번 출구에서 3분 거리에 있는
푸른색 컨테이너로 이루어진 이색적인 분위기의 커먼 그라운드입니다.
관심있는 분들은 누구라도 참여하실 수 있고 회비는 없습니다. 도구는 각자 쓰실 재료를 준비해 오시면 됩니다.
더운 여름 잘 지내시고 그날 뵙겠습니다.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 15, 2014 sketch crawl at Seosomun Park and Yakhyeon Catholic Church

Pine trees inside the Seosomun Park 

sculpture "Tree of Life (생명의 나무)"

Martyrdom Monument inside the park
YH Lee was sketching.

People were playing ball in the playground inside the park.
The park will be remodeled into the Martyrdom Holy Land by the catholic church in Korea. Competition for the new design is undergoing. A man in the administration office of the park told me that the park will become one of the international pilgrimage courses after the completion of several years.

front gate of the Yakhyeon Catholic Church

Yakhyeon Cathedral

Seosomun Martordom Holy land Exhibition hall inside the church area

one scene of exhibit representing the terrible sights of suffering martyrdom

three foreign priests martyrized during their mission 

There were four times of large scale persecution on 1791, 1801, 1839 and 1866-1873. The above photo was about the martyrs on 1839, Gihae persecution.

new comer, Ham Hyeong Mi

JW Park posed with a new comer.

old member KJ Hur

new comer Yoon Young Sook from Yongin city

drawing of KJ Hur

drawing of YS Yoon

time of introducing after sketching

work of new comer Baek Da Seul

JW Park started to draw the Seosomun apartment.

After the meeting some sketchers went to the Seosomun apartment which might be the oldest one in Seoul located in Migeun-dong near the park. Due to the characteristic style far different from the regular rectangular ones in most apartments it looked very attractive still. 

Though the weather was not good by strong wind five new comers joined us. I couldn't start sketching for the bad cold. I just sat and greeted them. Thank you all for your participation and sharing your great works with us. We look forward to sketching together always!
See you soon!

여전히 바람이 세게 불어 모래바람에 눈뜨기가 어려울 정도였으나, 새로운 분 다섯분이 참여해주셨습니다. 오랫만에 나오신 허국중선생님도 반가왔구요. 제가 감기약을 먹고나니 나른하게 졸려워서 전혀 그림을 그리지 못한 하루였습니다. 지난달에 이어 나오신 최승원 선생님께도 감사드립니다. 이제 서울어반스케쳐 모임도 시작한지 오는 6월 30일이 되면 5년이 되는군요. 항상 새로운 분들의 용기있는 참여를 기다리며 서로의 그림의 장을 펼치는 뜻있는 공간이 되었으면 합니다. 참여해주신 모든 분들께 감사드립니다.

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