Sunday, July 29, 2018

Drawing in Mosque located in Itaewon

On July 21st, Seoul Urban Sketchers had World Wide Sketcher meeting at Islamic central Mosque which is located in Itaewon. The Mosque was built in 1970 and the harmony of the white building and the blue tiles was gorgeous and unusual. The crescent moon for symbol of Islam and the phrase, arabic written in green, god is great were impressive.

Mosque is located on a hill, thus it has a panoramic view of Itaewon. The worship services are held five times a day, sunrise, noon, afternoon, sunset, and at night. On the day we were drawing, services were not held, so it was perfect day to sketch except of terribly hot. I was disappointed by the fact that visitors could not enter the Mosque, hence we could not sketch the inside. But I was very impressed by Urban Sketchers passion as hot as the weather. 

                                  Shoes left for worship  (20*13 cm, pen & water colored pencil)
                                            The top of the mosque (20*13 cm, pen)
                                    Outside Mosque (13*30 cm, pen & water colored pencil)
                         Seoul Central Masjid, first Islamic Mosque (25*18 cm, pen & water color)
                         Some buildings from hill (29* 21 cm, pen & oil colored pencil)


drawing & Kang said...

그림 올리셨네요~^^
신발그림과 사원기둥 멋진데요.이야기가 상상되는 장면.

BH Yoo said...

멋진 그림들 중 특히나 신발 그림 인상적입니다.
어렵게 오셔서 더욱 감사했습니다. 건강히 지내시고 선선할 때 뵈어요. ~

Lee Yong Hwan said...

뜨거운 여름~~ 이슬람 양식의 차분한 스케치에서
서울 어반스케쳐의 열정이 묻어납니다.