Saturday, July 7, 2018

People drawings

man in subway, crayon pencil, 18 x 26 cm

woman in Seoul Central Mosque(서울 중앙 성전), brush pen, oil pastels, A 4

nun in subway, pencil, 18 x 26 cm

monk preaching at classroom in Jogyesa, pen, pencil, 18 x 26 cm

It is a very hot and rainy season. So I try to draw whom I meet anywhere. I keep pencil(6B), pen, one color crayon pencil(dark blue one this time), and brush pen sometimes basically. I often finish drawing with pencil for the value after beginning with pencil. And oil pastels are useful to carry and not to be muddy contrary to the dry soft pastels. Most people can't be distinguished by the clothing they wear but the religious people could be with their special attirement. I see so many people out of home. It gives a valuable chance to understand them through drawing without sharing a word.

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