Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Sketches of billiard game with architects in Seoul

an impressive billiard player (개성파 고수), pen and pastel

many architects are playing billiards (손풀기), pen and watercolor

 a scene of lively billiard hall (승부의 열기), pen and pastel

the counter near the entrance (소맥과 요리 주문), pen and pastel

enjoying delicious Chinese dishes during the break (막간의 탕수육), 
pencil and watercolor

smoking room in the corner of the billiard hall (흡연자는 괴로워), pencil and watercolor

a scene of the awards ceremony after the game (상받으면 쏘기), pencil and watercolor

a variety of dynamic poses (집중은 생명), pencil and watercolor 

another sketch of dynamic poses (연습은 실전처럼..), pencil 

( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook )
Korea Institute of Registered Architects (KIRA: 대한건축사협회) runs lots of hobby clubs such as climbing, music, photography, golf, billiard, and so on. I've participated in billiard club since last year. Last week on Jun. 27, there was a friendly match of billiard club members. Though I'm not good at playing game, I usually like to watch international billiards games very much. On that day I was knocked out of the tournament in the 1st round because most of participants' scores were higher than mine. But I could have enough time to sketch every scene I want to draw. Additionally, many members surrounded me and were pleased seeing the sketches on the spot. They cheered me and asked to upload them on the website. Everybody had exciting moments in games and delicious Chinese dishes during the break time. I had a wonderful time enjoying sketches and billiards with many familiar architects.
지난 주, 6월 27일 "대한건축사협회" 당구동호회 모임이 있었습니다.
학창시절 후 수십년 끊고 있다가 최근에 초심으로 다시 시작하지만~
1라운드에서 탈락한 덕분에 스케치를 맘껏 하니 전화위복입니다.
한 장소, 많은 시간, 많은 소재들과 호흡하며 스케치하는 "해피 데이"였습니다~~ 

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