Monday, October 1, 2018

Drawing in Seoul Children’s Grand Park

Urban Sketcher meeting was held in Seoul Children’s grand park last Saturday. The weather was perfect for sketching. Many children and families were enjoying their morning at the playground. It’s a shame that I could not express the laughter of the children in the sketch drawing. We sketched families who spend leisurely afternoons in an outdoor music hall. Beautiful and peaceful autumn welcomed us after long summer that was exceptionally hot! It was a very thankful day.

Outdoor theater (46*18 cm, pen & oil-color pencil)

                                 Playground (41*13 cm, pen & oil-color pencil)


BH Yoo said...

숲속 공연장과 놀이터에서 아이들의 유쾌한 웃음 소리가 들리는 듯합니다. :)
색다른 장소를 찾아 재미나게 묘사해 주신 그림들 잘 감상했어요.
먼데서 참가해주셔서 반가웠습니다. 감사합니다.

Lee Yong Hwan said...

정성스런 드로잉에서 새싹같은 동심이 느껴지네요~

drawing & Kang said...

어린이 공원에 놀러온 느낌 듬뿍!!!