Monday, October 22, 2018

Sketches at the Sewoon Shopping Center, Seoul

front view of the Sewoon Shopping Center from Jongno 3-ga, pen and watercolor, 
(36 x51cm)

scenery of the the cityscape of old and new buildings viewed from the rooftop 
garden, pen and watercolor, (36 x51cm)

scenery of Cheonggyecheon viewed from the bridge on the 3rd floor between  the Sewoon Shopping Center and  the Daelim Shopping center, pen and watercolor, 
(36 x51cm)

 entrance of the electronics shopping mall from sidewalk and road, 
pencil and watercolor, (36 x51cm)

the Daelim Shopping Center viewed from the bridge on the 3rd floor, pencil, 
(30 x 42cm)

a quick sketch of the Sewoon Shopping Center, pencil, (30 x 42cm)


Last Saturday weekend, our Seoul urban sketchers met at open square in front of Sewoon Plaza building in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Sewoon Shopping Center (세운상가) is the most famous electronics shopping area located between Jongno 3-ga and Toegyero 3-ga, which was well-known place as a symbol of the modernization of the electronics industry from the 1960s. But the Sewoon Shopping mall complex became old and deteriorated over the years, it has been remodeled from time to time as the need arises. Recently, The Dasi Sewoon Project (다시세운 프로젝트) transformed the old Sewoon Shopping Center into a hub of new industry through urban regeneration(도시재생).
It was so fine weather for sketching the newly renovated Sewoon Shopping Mall. I was impressed by the mixture of old and new buildings under the colorful urban skyline, walking along the three-story overhead pedestrian bridge between Sewoon Shopping Center and Daelim Shopping Center, which provided us with various attractions. Furthermore, Sewoon Plaza rooftop garden on the 9th floor is the best place to sketch colorful panoramic scenes of Seoul in all directions. I sketched the various scenes spread out horizontally before my eyes. While sketching the urbanscapes along the high-level pedestrian bridge and the rooftop garden, I experienced the diverse feeling of different eye level, new perspectives, free spaces from the crowds and vehicles, and so on. It was a pleasant and valuable sketch time in the bustling downtown Seoul.
서울 역사도심 속 50년 전통의 세운상가~~
경제발전 세월의 성장통에 녹아있는 전자상가 상징물..
낡은 주변과 소음 보행로, 슬럼화 되는 복합빌딩 연결 이미지가
도시재생을 통해 "다시세운"상가로 거듭난 모습입니다.

남북으로 길게 이어진 3층 보행데크와 9층 옥상정원를 거닐면서
새로운 시점에서 보는 넓고 다채롭게 펼쳐진 도시경관 요소들~
어반스케치를 위한 "이동식 갤러리 스튜디오"라 하겠습니다.


이미화 said...

멋진 광경을 잘 포착하셨네요~

Doneque B said...

힘찬 선들이 세운상가를 활기차게 합니다.

Lee Yong Hwan said...

신도시와 달리 구도심은 "도시재생사업"을 통해 삶의 체취를 담은 채로 서서히 변화해 가는 과정을 통해 스케치의 무한한 소재를 실시간으로 제공해 주는 매력이 있어요~
전자제품 사러 몰려들던 추억의 세운상가도 이제는 도심의 명소로 탈바꿈 했으니까요.