Thursday, December 27, 2018

Drawings in buses

I began this drawing with pen and finished with pencil at the back seat of the bus #7022. 18 x 25.5 cm

A woman in summer season was done quickly with pencil. 18 x 13 cm

Mom and kid is an attractive subject for they're a symbol of a family with lovely poses.

A woman looking up to see the bus station map, pencil

This pose is found easily in bus. 

Young woman with fashionable clothing and shoes

Quick figure drawing

Sometimes I try to draw the inside of buses with different features. 

A pair of shoes in February, pencil

I like to draw people or inside structure of buses. Not a passenger is same in faces or clothing. I use pencil or pen usually. Pencil is easy and useful to finish pen drawings with value. Yesterday I did the first one after a long time. I use small one less than A 4 size in bus in most cases. Drawing in buses give chances to exercise figure drawing in a very short time interval with simple materials. 

어제 모처럼 버스에서 한장 그렸습니다. 늘 그려야지 하는 마음만 있고 선뜻 종이 꺼내기가 쉽지 않습니다. 연필이 제일 만만한 재료이고 펜으로 휘리릭 그린 후에 시간이 있으면 연필로 마감하기도 합니다. 독특한 모습의 승객을 만나면 시간과 장소가 아쉬운 때도 있구요. 평범한 우리의 일상이기도 한 버스에서 그림 그리기를 열심히 하는 새로운 한해가 되었으면 바라봅니다. 

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doneque said...

때와 곳을 가리지 않고 스케치북을 들고 계시는 모습이
좋습니다, 그 열정과 정열이 영원히! ^^