Monday, December 3, 2018

Sewon shopping Center, Jongno

(watercolor paper, Watercolor, pencil)

Last October I visited Sewon shopping center. The weather was really really great. I was  obsessed with beautiful autumn trees and old style Sewon building. so I tried to capture that moment and I can still feel how it was! :)

가을 햇살이 너무 따뜻했던 기억이 납니다.
예쁘게 핀 단풍나무와 세운상가 건물이 함께 있는 모습이 인상 깊었습니다.

(watercolor paper, Watercolor, pencil)

I thought these old buildings, telephone poles, electric wires were very interesting. It looks like a part of history of Sewon shopping center. I don't know how these areas are old but It reminds me late 80's to early 90's Seoul street, quite interesting.

요즘은 보기 힘든 전봇대와 전선줄들이 흥미를 끌었습니다. 오래된 건물들이 마치 세운상가의 역사를 이야기하는 것 같았습니다. 마치 80년대 후반~90년대의 거리같았어요.

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