Wednesday, August 4, 2010

at bakery in Yangyang city

I sketched this one in the street before I began to draw at Yangyang traditional market in Yangyang city. The Koryodang bakery has a long history since 1945. The shop was a branch store of the bakery. While I was drawing the owner told the employee to give a bottle of juice to me. At once she brought a cool bottle of apple juice to me. I thanked for their kindness. :)

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ecrire said...

그림을 보니 예전에 종로서적 옆에 있던 고려당 생각이 납니다 종로서적 갈 때 가끔 가던 그 고려당이 어느날부터 자취를 감추기 시작했습니다 양양에는 아직도 있나봅니다 머핀들과 식빵이 참 맛있게 구워져 구미가 당깁니다^^