Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sketches at food court, 3rd floor of Seoul Station

Size : A4  ,  charcoal & pencil
by park ji woong


bh yoo said...

쓰러지는 나무들이 참 재미있고 인상적이네요. 두 그림 다 큰 종이에 잘 잡으셨구요. 선들이 부드럽고 자유로와진것같습니다. ^ ^

Kyoung Won JUNG said...

두분이 함께 스케치? 좋습니다
저도 스케치에서 자유로움을 느꼈습니다 화이팅!!!!

Ryan said...

Hi guys,

Some wonderful sketches here! My name is Ryan Sumo, and I'm also an urban sketcher who lives in the Philippines. My wife and I are visiting South Korea next year in March, and I would love to be able to meet some of you and maybe have a mini sketch walk together!

If you're interested in meetin gup, please do email me at ryan.sumo@gmail.com.

By the way here are some of my sketches for you to browse:


bh yoo said...

Hi, Ryan, Nice to hear that you'd visit Korea soon. We'd be glad to sketch together too. I'll send an e mail to keep in touch. I visited your blog full of great drawings. We look forward to meeting you!