Thursday, December 22, 2011

two sketches in/out on a bitterly cold day

charcoal, A 4
After swimming I walked down to Gwanghwamun to buy some art material at Namdaemun market. On the way at Naejadong, I saw this scene. I couldn't pass over and in the middle point returned to the pedestrian road for sketching across this street. It was so cold that my fingers got numbed. But the shiny light was there contrasted by the vertical dark lines of the Integrated Govermental Building in back.

pen, charcoal, A 4
I had lunch at the Melodies, large scale food court of Kyobo Book Center. After having deliciously I sketched the bustling scene inside of the kitchen. I planned how to capture them while having Gimbab(rice wrapped with black laver within which kinds of vegetable were put in the center) with hot soybean sauce soup.

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