Sunday, December 4, 2011

some sketches at Seoul Station

viewed from open plaza, pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.8cm

the main concourse, pen and watercolor, 23.9 x 32cm

entrance on the rear side of Seoul Station, pen, 21 x 29.8cm

buildings under construction, pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.8cm

a distant view on the opposite side, 8B pencil, 25.6 x 35.5cm

two soldiers on vacation, pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.8cm
I've sketched around Seoul Station from time to time for several years. Every time I sketch, I used to light upon the new sceneries to my taste. It's very interesting to sketch the old and new building complexes with crowded people such as Seoul Station. I'll continue to sketch such subjects in my spare time.

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