Saturday, January 19, 2013

#38th World Wide SketchCrawl at the National Palace Museum of Korea

Grand Ceremonial Robe of the Consort of Imperial Prince Young (영친왕비 대홍원삼)

Children's Coat with Multicolor Striped Sleeves (까치 두루마기), Early 20th Century

Ceremonial Hairpins of the Consort of Imperial Prince Young, Early 20th Century

Phoenix Palanquin (봉황 가마), Joseon Dynasty

Palanquin of the King, Joseon dynasty

Barrel Drum with Splendid Decoration, Joseon Dynasty, Replica, 건고

Bell Chimes with Restored Stand, Pyeonjong (편종)

children who were writing reports after visiting the museum at the resting place in the museum

Gwanghwamun Gate seen from the museum
A 4

It was not cold rather than we had expected. Lots of citizen including children visited the National Palace Museum of Korea located inside the Gyungbokgung.  Special exhibition "Late Princess Deokhye" was on show apart from the permanent exhibition of royal family's clothes, vehicles, furniture, and musical instruments, and so on. Six sketchers participated in including a new comer Kim Goo Young who was very enthusiastic in sketching. Thank you all the participants, especially, our old friend Kim Mi-kyung. Hope to see you and your great drawings often! 


matoki said...

It seems like it was a lot of fun =) I wish I could have gone, but unfortunately I had to go to work today. I hope to see you all next time!

-Michelle Hahm

bh yoo said...

Oh, I waited for you coming in and out, looking for a young lady with a sketch book. Hope to see you next time! Thanks.

matoki said...

Oh no I'm so sorry I contact you sooner! Yes, I would love to come next time.