Sketch Meet-up in Oct.

[Sketch Meet-up on Oct. 28th, 2017]
- Place: Seoul Station & Seoul 7017 (서울역 & 서울로 7017)
- Nearest Subway Station : Seoul Station, Line No. 1 or 4 (1호선 혹은 4호선 서울역)
- Time: 10:30 am ~ 4:00 pm (오전 10시 30분부터 오후 4시까지)
- Meeting Spot: In front of Food Court at 3rd Fl. in Seoul Station (서울역사 3층 푸드 코트 앞)
10월 두 번째 어반스케치 모임 장소는 하루 평균 9만여 명이 이용하는 대한민국 수도인 서울의 관문, '서울역'입니다. 오전에 3층에 자리한 푸드코트에서 만나 점심 식사 후에는 '서울로 7017'로 이동할 예정입니다. 2015년 폐쇄되었던 서울역 고가는 2017년에 도심 속의 공원으로 재 탄생하였습니다. 국내 최초의 고가 보행로인 서울로 7017을 거닐면서 서울의 풍경을 다시 한번 새로운 시각으로 느껴 보시기 바랍니다.

문의 사항은 seoulurbansketchers@gmail.com으로 연락주시기 바랍니다.
[How to be a member of Seoul Urban Sketchers]
1. 먼저 seoulurbansketchers@gmail.com으로 '한글 및 영문 성함, 전화번호, 이메일 주소'를 간략한 자기소개와 함께 보내주세요.
2. 모임에 참가하신 후, 그리신 그림을 처음 보내셨던 메일에 회신하시는 형식으로 다시 한번 seoulurbansketchers@gmail.com으로 보내주세요. 이후 관리자가 블로그 게시 권한을 드리는 초대장을 발송해 드립니다.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

KYOBO Man interviewed Seoul Urban Sketchers!

When I arrived at the Gwanghwamun Square there were lots of people in a circle with cameramen and staffs. I asked a policeman why. He answered that the Hong Kong TV staffs came for covering story about the Korean culture. 

in front of the King Sejong's statue

At the same time Mr. Huh, Kyobo bookstore staff came to interview with Seoul Urban Sketchers for posting to Kyobo Bookstore, Booknews about our activities and history.

H S Hwang

K W Jung

19.5 x 26 cm

Y H Lee and Mr. Huh having an interview

After the book, Korean Version of  "The Art of Urban Sketching" was published by EJONG, ART PROFESSIONAL Mr. Huh Young Jin, staff of Kyobo Bookstore, Booknews, asked an interview with us. We met him at Gwanghwamun Square today. While sketching he interviewed one by one taking photos. We had lunch at Melodies, food court in Kyobo Bookstore, moved to coffee shop and finished the interview well. Thank you, Mr. Huh Young Jin, very much for giving the precious chance to let people know about our blogs and activities. Hope many to join us soon!


nabirani said...

I'm pleased to see all these interesting paintings so quick. You're such a deligent lady. I love a drawing of me very much :))Thank you for all things today.
Thank you so much Mr Hur and Kyobo!

bh yoo said...

Sketching vitalizes us every time. Drawing freely and sharing with encouragement would make us feel strong relationship. We hope lots of sketchers-to-be to start the first step by joinging us any time. Thank you very much for being in us, HS Hwang, and for kind comments!