Wednesday, December 25, 2013

sketches of people at a debate forum(토론회)

A few days ago, Korea Institute of Registered architects(KIRA:대한건축사협회) held a debate forum in Construction Guarantee Building(건설 공제조합 빌딩), located at Nonheyon-dong(논현동),Gangnam-gu(강남구), Seoul. The major focus of debate is "the improvement of the current system in architecture(건축 제도개선)"  which is an our architects' main interest recently. About 2000 architects gathered inside the building despite the cold weather outside. The main auditorium was filled with excitement. I sketched various scenes of people from place to place during the debate. 

at the main auditorium on the 2nd floor, pen and watercolor,

the panel sitting on the platform, pen and watercolor,

at the lounge in front of main auditorium, pen and watercolor,

at the busy lounge, pen and watercolor,
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook )
세미나, 결혼식 또는 강연회 등 옥내 행사 스케치는  길거리나 광장과는 달리 닫힌 공간 속의 긴장감이 또다른 매력을 불러 옵니다. 야외에서 느낄 수 없는 조명의 분위기~~ 빛과 그림자 속에서 사람들의 움직임들이 실내 스케치의 참 맛을 느끼게 하지요.

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