Monday, December 16, 2013

sketches at Seoul Fork Flea Market, Sinseol-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

Last Saturday, we Seoul usk members met at Seoul Fork Flea Market(서울 풍물시장) and enjoyed all the fun of the fair in the marketplace. Though it was a little cold and snowy, the temperature inside the building was so warm by many heaters and some hot tasty treats. There were lots of objects for sketching, including various antiques, daily necessities and all sorts of junk with interesting atmosphere. I sketched some new sceneries which I didn't draw before, roaming in and outside the market.

a front view of the market building, pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.6cm 

a rear view of the market building, pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.6cm 

indoors atmosphere around the ramp,  pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.6cm 

restaurants and stores on the 2nd floor, ballpoint pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.6cm 

a herbal shop on the 2nd floor, pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.6cm

talking together about sketches, pencil and watercolor, 14.8 x 21cm
풍물시장은 우리 생활의 축소판 같습니다. 세월을 거쳐 온 衣食住의 생활과 풍습에서 나오는 비품들을 언제나 쉽게 만날 수 있지요. 스케치를 위한 작은 만물상이라고 하겠습니다. 


so hyoung Kim said...

그림속에 제가 있네요~항상 그려주기만 했지 누가 그려준건 없는데 기뻐요~>.<

Lee Yong Hwan said...

움직이는 인물 스케치는 느낌이 올 때 잽싸게 모션 포착하는 스릴 때문에~ 고정 포즈 그릴 때보다 훨씬 매력이 있지요.

박제욱 said...

저도 나왔어요 ㅋㅋ날씬하게 그려 주셔서 감사합니다 ㅋㅋ 펜과 붓의 터치가 범접할수 없는 경지 입니다

Lee Yong Hwan said...

퀵 스케치는 느낌으로 그리는 것 같아요. 손은 그냥 따라오고~~